Kamile Karpalovaite

Hip-Hop, Contemporary

Wir freuen uns, eine internationale Tanzexpertin als Gasttrainerin gewonnen zu haben. Kamilla wird unser Trainerteam Hip-Hop und Contemporary verstärken.

"Kamilla, as well known as her stage name "Lil´K", is a professional dancer, mainly specialising in Hip-Hop. But she´s also got experience in many other Street Dance styles. Coming from different Backgrounds such as Latino American  Dance, Contemporary and being inspired by Physical Theatre he uses all of them to create her own free individual style. She loves to create, explore and share. Lil´K mainly focuses on finding new ways of moving, exploring lines and flexibilityher body, as a Hip-Hop dancer, but also as a contemporary dancer too.

It´s important for her to know how to take time, learn how to use different energy, power and be creative in her Dance. And These are also the Things she usually focuses in her classes too..

Coming back to her Background, Kamilla is originally from Lithuania, and that is where she took her first steps in Dance. At the age of 7 she moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where her mum took her to her very first ballet class. Several years later, she moved back home, and opened a completely new page in her life, and started dancing Latino American Dance, but for her it was never enoough. She was always looking for something more, and then she found street Dance. As mentioned above, she practised in many other street dance styles - House, Popping, Locking.. But Hip-Hop was the one she fell inlove mostly.

She decided to take her Dance further, and moved to London, where she continued studying Dance (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Physical Theatre) and working on her Hip-hop alongside many other great sttreet dancers. She also managed to build her name there, and performed in several Theatres, won competitions (Battles), and Tv adverts.

Kamilla has experience in theatre, performance, but is also known as one of the most upcoming International Hip-Hop dancers in Europe.

She has participated in many Events and competitions, In Lithuania, Uk, Germany, Netherlands, France and so on. She has a huge Passion for battles, Performing and choreography. Nevertheless, she also enjoys every single Moment of teaching classes and Workshops."